Indian Delegation

Our Indian Delegation

The Indian Delegation is a student recruiting team organized to serve as goodwill ambassadors for Itawamba Community College. The members are involved in activities directly related to recruiting, orientation, and public relations. Some of their activities include conducting campus tours, visiting area high schools to recruit potential students, assisting with summer orientation and early registration, participating in community outreach projects, attending college days/nights at area high schools, assisting with special meetings and events on campus, participating in phone calling campaigns to recruit prospective students and many other recruiting and public relations activities.

Each person serving as an Indian Delegation member must be of good moral character, be extremely dependable, have a friendly and outgoing personality, use good taste in dress and style, have a willingness to help others, possess strong leadership qualities and good communication skills, be free of disciplinary action and have the ability to devote the time and effort needed to become a successful part of ICC's student recruiting team.

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